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Emergency Closures

Closure During the School Day:

 1. Informing Parents

 If the weather deteriorates during the day a Groupcall text message will be sent to your agreed mobile telephone to advise that the School is closing and that parents should collect their children.

Please note: It is not possible to send a text message to your home telephone number from the Groupcall website.

In addition:

Parents of all Primary pupils who travel by taxi (if operating) will also be contacted by telephone to ensure that someone is available to meet your child(ren) at the end of their journey.

All Parents (especially Parents of pupils in outlying areas) should identify a family in Dunning who would be willing to look after their child(ren) in the event that transport home is not available, that you are delayed or that you cannot come to pick up your child/ren.

A proforma is available for parents to complete and return back to school so that we can compile an emergency closure register.

2. Collecting Pupils

The aim in an emergency closure is to evacuate the school as soon as possible. We will release all children to whoever arrives at the school first ie parent or nominated emergency contact.

Parents/Carers/Emergency Contacts should attend at the front entrance of the School.

3. Transport

In the event that the taxi does not operate in the morning, but the school is open for local pupils and you bring your son/daughter to school, please note that the bus or taxi will not run at the end of the day and you will be responsible for collecting your child.  

Closure Out-with the School Day:

When conditions are bad, especially in outlying areas, parents should not send their child(ren) to school if they are in doubt. Please try to contact the school where this is the situation.

Public announcements of school closures will also be made as soon as possible from the following sources:



Contact Details

When Used

Other Comments

Radio Tay Am

Not applicable

All Instances

Frequency AM 1584  and 1161  


Radio Tay Fm

Not applicable

All Instances

FM 96.4  and 102.8


PKC Customer Service Centre – Number for Parents

0845 3011100 (calls charged at local rate) or

01738 475000 (main Council line)

All Instances

Available from 08:00 hours to 18:00 hours however this line may operate from 07:00 hours in exceptional circumstances. 

PKC website 

All instances

Parents/Carers can find closure updates on the Perth and Kinross Council website by logging onto where closures will be flagged up on the Home page, or alternatively access the information on


PKC Twitter and Facebook

All instances


Radio Heartland

Not applicable

Widespread conditions

FM 97.5, 106.6

Used if schools closed are within an area known not to receive Radio Tay signal

Radio Central

Not applicable

Widespread conditions

FM 103.1

Used if schools closed are within an area known not to receive Radio Tay signal


Emergency Closure Letter

Emergency Closure Contact Details Pro Forma