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HMIe Inspection Report 2015

HMI Inspection

Our recent inspection was based on the Inspection Advice Note August 2014 which set out the (raised) adjustment in expectations, in line with national implementation expectations.

Three key questions: 

How well do children learn and achieve?

  • Improvements in performance
  • Learners’ experiences

How well does the school support children to develop and learn?

  • Curriculum
  • Meeting learning needs

How well does the school improve the quality of its work?

  • Improvement through self-evaluation

The following word scale is used in reports so that readers can see clearly what judgments mean.

Excellent means outstanding, sector leading.

Very good/positive/effective, Sound, Quality, Commendable mean major strengths.

Good means important strengths with some areas for improvement.

Satisfactory means strengths just outweigh weaknesses

Weak means important weaknesses

Unsatisfactory means major weaknesses

All - 100%

Almost all - 91-99%

Most - 76-90%

Majority - 51-75%

Less (or fewer) than half - 16-50%

Few - up to 15%

The Report is now available on the School Website (link below).

Dunning Primary School Inspection Report 2015 - Report

Dunning Primary School Inspection Report 2015 - Quality Indicators

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