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August 2021 – June 2022


At Dunning Primary School, we endorse Perth and Kinross Council’s “Statement of Intent” which sets out the broad principles determining the ethos and nature of education to be delivered across the Council area. 


Our vision is of a caring and confident school community where children enjoy their learning and have a sense of purpose. There are equal opportunities for all, and individuals are valued, nurtured and supported.  In the pursuit of excellence everyone is encouraged to develop their full potential and to aspire to achieve the highest standards. Respect for others, and for self, is the core of our ethos. 





Our aim is to develop confident and responsible children

who are well prepared for lifelong learning and ready to take on challenges.




Dunning Primary takes forward a continuous programme of Self-Evaluation.

The School and our Quality Improvement Officer have evaluated key aspects of the work of the school at all stages. We evaluated pupils’ attainment and achievements, the effectiveness of the school, the environment for learning, the school’s process for self-evaluation and innovation, and our capacity for improvement. We examined pupils’ work, monitored classroom and school experiences and gained the views of groups of pupils, staff, members of the Parent Council, individual parents, groups of parents and visitors to the school.


The Evaluation Process has identified the following key strengths:

  • A very welcoming and inclusive ethos
  • Courteous, well-behaved and motivated pupils
  • High attainment in Numeracy and Literacy
  • The leadership and involvement of all staff, pupils, parents and the wider community in the life and work of the school


 1.3 Leadership of Change


 2.3 Learning, Teaching & Assessment


 3.1 Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality & Inclusion


 3.2 Raising Attainment & Achievement





Following a second lockdown, on-going restrictions, significant staff absences and resultant changes to the school and curriculum, this year has a been quite a challenge. Despite these very challenging circumstances, the school community has adapted extremely well. Staff, Pupils and Parents have demonstrated great resilience through this year and worked extremely hard to ensure continuity and good experiences overall.


Attendance remains very high at 94.6% and is above the National and PKC average. All unauthorised absences are due to family holidays. There have been 0 exclusions this session.


Attainment in Literacy

  • All pupils in P1 (100%) have achieved Early Level in Reading, Writing and Listening & Talking.
  • All pupils in in P4 (100%) have achieved First Level in Reading, Writing and Listening & Talking.
  • Almost all pupils in P7 (92%) have achieved Second Level Reading and Writing and all (100%) in Listening & Talking.


Attainment in Numeracy

  • All pupils in P1 (100%) have achieved Early Level Numeracy.
  • All pupils in P4 (100%) have achieved First Level Numeracy.
  • Almost all pupils in P7 (92%) have achieved Second Level Numeracy.


  • 21% of our pupils across the whole school have recorded Additional Support Needs. Almost all are making very good progress towards their predicted targets and planned outcomes.


  • Attainment over time has remained consistently above the National average. The trend of attainment over time has remained at a high level for our current P7.



The school’s ‘Gold SportsScotland Award’, ‘Eco School Award’ and ‘Health Promoting School’ status reflect the achievements of the school in supporting pupils’ Health & Well-Being.

Lots of different learning and achievement opportunities were able to restart this session, including a range of after-school sports clubs.

Many activities were also shared online, and staff and pupils were able to maintain connections through Teams and Seesaw during Remote Learning when absent e.g. due to Covid.

Once permitted, achievements were celebrated at our whole school assemblies and shared on Seesaw, Teams and Twitter.


The overall quality of wellbeing, equality and inclusion is very good. Staff know the pupils well and are sensitive to their emotional, social and medical needs. There are effective Child Protection and effective Additional Support Needs procedures in place. In addition to supports in place with school staff, outside agencies have supported individuals and groups of pupils’ very well this session e.g. Secondary Staff, Counselling, Community Link Worker & Assistant, Women’s Aid and PAS.



The School made good progress towards achieving the outcomes detailed in our 2020 – 2021 School Improvement Plan (SIP) and these have had a positive effect on pupils’ experiences and outcomes. For example, attainment in Literacy and Numeracy was increased (and/or maintained at a high level).

On return to in-school learning, our focus was on Recovery, particularly in Health & Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy. Almost all pupils settled back into school very well and appropriate support was on hand for those requiring additional support. Evidence gained through both formative and summative assessments showed progress in Literacy and Numeracy has been very good.



We have listened to staff, parents and pupils in the production of this Quality & Standards report whilst evaluating the quality of our provision and in identifying improvement priorities.


We all show a strong commitment to taking our identified priorities forward in a manageable and strategic manner.

The school has many strengths and is well placed to build on the existing high standards.




  1. In session 2021/22 we will be focussing on:
  • Reconnecting (e.g. Pupil Voice, Parental Engagement/Communication)
  • UNCRC Bronze Award
  • Digital Schools Award


Our 2022-2023 School Improvement Plan will be available on request in August and will also be available on our school website.



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