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Updated for January 2021


We have created a Communication Plan to explain how pupils, staff and parents can communicate, whether your child is isolating, or if Blended Learning or Remote Learning is necessary.

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Remote Learning is when the school is closed to all pupils (except Key Worker's and vulnerable children) and all learning happens at home remotely.

Teachers will provide lessons on a daily basis, using SeeSaw or Teams. There is a timetable of when teachers will make contact with your child. (This is to ensure that siblings are not 'competing' for devices at the same time. The actual tasks can be completed at any time.) 

We have all experienced home learning and completely appreciate how challenging it can be for all involved! Please do what you can, when you can. We will understand and do what we can to help.

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Blended Learning is when some learning happens in school and some learning happens at home. The purpose is to create space in school so that all staff and also all pupils can maintain 2m self- distance.

Pupils will be split in to two groups (Yellow and Blue) and will be in school on either  Monday & Tuesdays or Thursday & Fridays each week. 

Teaching will happen mainly when the pupils are in school, with follow-up activities to be completed when at home.

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