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Emergency Closure Activities

What you can do if DPS is closed for any reason.


If the school is to be closed for an extended period of time, your teacher will create some Learning Grids which will outline some tasks they would like you to complete while the school is closed.

1. Numeracy                     2. Literacy                    3. Context


For short term closures, or in addition to the Numeracy, Literacy and Context Learning Grids,

you can...


First of all, check if you have fully completed your ‘normal’ homework tasks to the very best of your ability.


1. Look at your ‘Learning Links’ for suggested activities/websites for activities.

2. Practice and try to learn your Times Tables ‘off by heart’.

3. Play literacy or maths games e.g. snakes & ladders, battleships, word searches, chess, I spy, cards games.

4. Read a book and write a book review to encourage others to read it if you enjoyed it OR why to avoid it!

5. Check to see if there are POWA tasks you could work on.

6. Create a new game based on what you have been learning in school recently.

7. Write a story/poem/report linked to your classwork or recent school activity.

8. Follow a recipe to bake/cook something special for your family (with adult supervision).

9. Teach someone enough French so that they could hold a short conversation.

10. If possible, go outside to play, get some physical exercise and most importantly, have fun with friends or family :-)


Remember - You can find lots of information on the school website to help.

  • In the Parent Area - Parent Information Leaflets
    •  Learning Links, Presentation policy, Writing grids, Parent help sheets etc
  • In the Pupil Area -
    • POWA grids and guidelines