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Medicines in Schools


In 2018 a review of procedures regarding the administration of medication in schools took place within Education Services and all schools are required to operate within the framework of guidance.


Click here for the full guidance and forms


There is no obligation on school staff to administer medication of any kind to any pupil, and parents are asked to note that routine medicine shall not be administered by the school. The guiding principle adopted by providers and parents should be that medicines should be taken out of school hours.


Where pupils require regular medication to be administered or self-administered during the school day, parents should complete the relevant request form available from the school. This may include written guidance from a medical professional (your GP or Specialist) but please note the written instruction on the medication is normally sufficient if it is the Original pharmacy label as this matches the prescription from the GP.


Some pupils carry inhalers for asthma and related illness, which they self-administer at school. It is necessary that parents of pupils who carry their own medication to complete the appropriate form so that an up-to-date record is held for each child carrying medication to school. Please contact the school for the appropriate form.


If a pupil suffers from a chronic illness requiring long term medication or where medication may be required in an emergency situation, parents must contact the Head Teacher to discuss the situation. Separate guidance detailing arrangements for dealing with a medical condition requiring essential or emergency treatment has been prepared by Education Services and will be made available to you, if required.