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Here are some help notes created by another primary school -

no point re-inventing the wheel!


Logging into Glow and Accessing Microsoft teams via the web browser


This video shows you step-by-step how to log into the Glow website and access Microsoft Teams.

Downloading Microsoft Teams and OneNote Apps

This video will show you how to download Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneNote, which work hand-in-hand, to access your child's digital jotter 'Class Notebook'.

Signing in to the Microsoft Teams App

This video shows you how to sign in to Microsoft Teams via the app.

Accessing Content from Teachers on Microsoft Teams

Once you have logged in, there will be content, information, and posts from your child's Class Teacher on Microsoft Teams. This video shows you how to access this resource and your child's Class Notebook.

Switching between GLOW accounts on Microsoft Teams

This video shows you how you can switch between Glow accounts on the Microsoft Teams app. It also shows you how to quickly sign out of Microsoft Teams so that, should you wish, you can sign in again with a different account (perhaps for another child).