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After School Clubs Updates

Chess Club (Mondays)

Chess Club continues 3-4pm in the drama/music room.


Dance (Mondays)

Dance continues 3.15-4.15pm in the gym.


Microfitness (Tuesdays)

Please remember to pay Microfitness staff for Block 2 on Tuesday 4th November.

Microfitness will make adjustments to payments for any 'missed' sessions in the Spring Term.


Drama Club (Wednesdays)

Drama continues 3-4pm in the drama room.


Football Club (Wednesdays)

 Last Wednesday was the last Football session this year. It will restart in the Spring Term. A huge thank you to Norman Ballantine and helpers.


Badminton Club (Thursdays)

Badminton Club will run until 4/12/14.


Orchestra (Fridays)

Orchestra will run until the end of term.