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Chess Competition

On Thursday 27.11.2014 seventy two children attended the Dunning Primary School Dalreoch Open Chess Competition.  Every chair and table in the school was used to make sure all the children were seated and ready for a busy day of competitive chess.  The children came from eight schools in Perth; boys and girls from Primary Four to Primary Seven.

Staff and volunteers were setting up from 08:45, joined by the Dunning children at 09:00 to set up the pieces; it takes a wee while to set up 36 chess boards and pieces.

Every child played five games and it was organised to ensure that they did not play the same child twice.  Our scorekeepers, Mandy Cook and Stewart Queen worked intensely keeping a score for each of the 72 children and arranging the following pairings at the end of each round.  This was not an easy task because of the differences in age and gender and the complications added by the uneven numbers in some of the sections.  Many thanks to them for their effort and forbearance.  Three chess leaders form other schools helped Stephen Fletcher and Tam McVeigh to adjudicate and advise the children of rules and procedures.  This was an important task to unsure that results were fair, understood and accepted by the children.

There were 21 trophies to be won and the children were working hard to gain their points.  Adults present were impressed to see so many children quietly using their thinking skills intensely.  Eight of the trophies were won by Dunning children.  All of the attending children received a medal and ribbon to commemorate their day at Dunning Primary.  Many thanks to Marshalls Garden machinery for donating the medals and trophies.

This was the first chess competition organised by Dunning Primary.  It was just the right size for the school in respect of space, tables and equipment.  We also had just the right number of volunteers to carry out the tasks in running the competition on the day.

This was another good day for all the participants.  They were all well behaved, focused on their games, were well mannered in the competition and all must have benefited from the intensive thought involved in the games.

Tam McVeigh