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Cyber Bullying

An instance of cyber bullying has recently been reported to the school, where pupils have been sending and receiving a series of unwelcome and distressing texts between fellow pupils.  As you will appreciate this has had an impact not only on the pupils involved but also on the parents.  Whilst the texts were sent outside of school hours there are, of course, knock-on consequences that spill over into school life.

Whilst this specific incident is being dealt with we are keen that the opportunity to raise awareness of this matter is not lost.  To that end the head teacher has agreed to investigate and implement new ways of discussing this topic with pupils to supplement work already undertaken in school.  The purpose of this note is to ensure that parents are aware of the issue and to provide links to resources that we can use (or that we can use with our children) to reduce the probability of similar incidents being repeated in the future.  Both to keep our children safe but also to encourage against becoming perpetrators either by accident or design.


Perth and Kinross Council Website Bullying and Harassment section

Childnet International

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre

CEOP resource with sections for children, parents and teachers

Useful summary from the Northern Ireland online resources

Scotland’s Anti Bullying Service

Childline’s section on cyber bullying


I hope that you find these resources useful.