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This term we will continue with the electronic system for reading homework. Feedback shows that on the whole most are very positive about the system and would like it to continue.  Some pupils have reported a few small 'issues' with the use of this system but agree it is possible to tolerate these for the positive benefits the system brings.

Instead of bringing home a reading card each week your child can access the homework, and answer the questions, electronically BY CLICKING ON THE APPROPRIATE COLOUR BELOW.

Your child knows what colour of card they are working on.  If they need reminded of this please refer to the note handed out in class. (new colours issued 17/4/18)

Homework will be set on a Tuesday and all responses should be completed before the following Tuesday.


As of 17/4/18 the class have agreed it would be useful to be able to quickly identify any incorrect answers given, so that we can learn from these.  We are therefore investigating how to build this into the system. 


postponed for the moment