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Pupil Absences due to Family Holidays

Over the last few years schools have noticed an increase in the number of pupils absent from
schools arising from family holidays. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • parents are unable to take time off during school holidays
  • childcare arrangements
  • cheaper holidays during term time

This change can have a number of adverse effects not only on the pupils who have been absent
but sometimes on the class or whole school. These can be:

  • an effect on individual pupil attainment and achievement, in pupils who are on holiday on a
    regular basis
  • disruption in class when pupils return
  • disruption to teachers’ assessment and testing schedules
  • difficulty for pupils reintegrating back into school
  • behavioural problems if pupils get behind in course work
  • the need for remedial work to be set
  • an effect on the general ethos of the school

As a result, the Lifelong Learning Committee agreed the following policy:

Family holidays will be marked in school as an unauthorised absence. This will be done even if
you have told the school you intend to take your child on holiday. No school work will be given,
although some schools may consider giving you information about what will be covered during the

In addition, the Committee agreed that:

Extended visits ‘overseas to relatives or extended absence in relation to children of travelling
people will be marked as an authorised absence. Extended is defined as a period of more than
four weeks’.

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