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What happens if I want to send my child

to a school outside my local catchment area?


What if I want to send my child to Dunning Primary School

but we don't live in the catchment area?


Although it is usual for children to attend their local catchment area school, you have the right to make a placing request asking that your child be placed in a school other than your local catchment area school.

Perth & Kinross Council will try to grant your request, provided there are places at the school you choose. Requests for children looking to commence their education at the placing request school from August 2018 should be made on the appropriate form by 15 March 2018. Should you wish your child to attend a primary school other than their local catchment area school, you should not register your child at the local catchment school.  A place is not guaranteed at your catchment school.  icon Placing request application forms [58Kb] and icon A guide for parents carers and young persons on Placing Requests [381Kb] can also be obtained from any Perth & Kinross Council school or from Education & Children's Services.   Any requests made after this date will still be considered, but it is possible that places in certain schools may no longer be available.

It should be noted that where a successful placing request is made, you, as a parent/carer must accept full responsibility for the arrangement and cost of transport to and from the school.

If a placing request is refused, you can lodge an Appeal in writing which will be heard by an Appeals Committee.


In Scotland, the Education Authority must answer your placing request by 30 April provided your request was received by 15 March. Where your request is received after 15 March, the Education Authority has two months from receipt of your request in which to make a decision. That decision will be made after all placing requests received by 15 March have been considered, by which time all spaces at the school you want may have been filled.