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Primary School Enrolment
How do I register my child for primary school at the start of school?

To apply for a school place:

  • Know your catchment area.  You can visit your local catchment area primary school during the January registration week.
  • Bring your child's birth certificate and also your current Council Tax notice and a recent utility bill.  If you are registering at a denominational school and your child has been baptised you must also take their baptismal certificate.
  • Complete the pupil icon registration form [246Kb].  The form is also available in other languages in our download section.

What if I want to send my child to a school outside my local catchment area?

Although it is usual for children to attend their local catchment area school, you have the right to make a placing request asking that your child be granted a place in a school other than your local catchment area school.

How do I apply for for a school place for other year stages or during the school year?

You apply directly to your catchment school for a place if you are moving to or within Perth & Kinross with children already of school age.

To apply for a school place during the school year or for a stage other than P1, please complete the icon registration form [246Kb] and return it to your catchment school.

Information about a particular school can be obtained from the Headteacher of that school.  Handbooks are available from every school from 15 December.